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Welcome to Troop 2000!   

We are part of Northern Ridge district and sponsored by "Johns Creek Presbyterian Church, Johns Creek, GA". We have scouts of several faiths. We meet on Monday's at the Church from 7:30 - 9:15 pm. Click here for directions to "Johns Creek Presbyterian Church, GA".

History of Troop 2000

Troop 2000 was, for years, Troop 143 in Duluth, GA. With a change in our sponsorship on January 1, 1998 we changed our troop number to Troop 2000. As Troop 143 we honored 13 Eagle Scouts and as Troop 2000 we have added over 100 more.

Our Approach

Scouts learn by leading. Troop 2000 is run by the youths. They plan meetings and activities under adult leadership guidance. We are currently 100+ scouts. Our scouts learn and adapt to scouting values, out-door skills and respect for others in their journey to Eagle Scout and responsible citizens. Troop 2000 is committed to the safety of our youth.

Troop 2000 AOL & New Scout Information

If you are a new scout or looking to crossover to Troop 2000, please contact Webelos-to-Scout transition coordinator at aolcoordinator@troop2000.org.

Surya Mohan Eagle Project

Posted on Aug 21 2019 - 8:48pm

Troop 2000,

I am Surya Mohan, a Life Scout that has been in Troop 2000 for 6 years. Currently I'm working on my Eagle Project. This project will be happening on the Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend (August 31st and September 1st).

8/19/19 ASM Meeting

Posted on Aug 21 2019 - 8:47pm
Introduction/prayer – Jenn/Steve Simpson

Update of Positions - We hope every scout has at least one parent/caregiver volunteering within some portion of the troop. You can be behind the scenes or working directly with the boys and girls.  Jenn distributed a spreadsheet to verify each current ASM’s role in the troop.  The spreadsheet will be distributed at the Committee Meeting next week as well. Please reach out to Jenn if you weren’t able to attend to let her know what position you are currently heading or co-chairing or if you would like to volunteer for a position.  In the next couple of weeks, Jenn will reach out to parents to fill any positions that are still available. 

William T. Hornaday Conservation Awards

Posted on Aug 21 2019 - 8:31pm

The William T. Hornaday Conservation Awards are among the most esteemed that can be earned by a Scout.
It takes committed, long, hard work. Merit Badges...Projects. It’s more rare than the Eagle Scout rank.  This clinic is an opportunity to help you take steps in the right direction. Don’t miss out!

Eagle Board of Review Volunteers needed for Thursday 8/29

Posted on Aug 21 2019 - 8:30pm

This month we expect to have Eagle Board of Review for two of our scouts on the evening of Thursday, August 29th. For the Board of Reviews we will need: two Chairpersons, and 6 Board members; so I'm looking for 8-9 volunteers. One as a back-up.

STEM Program for Troop 2K

Posted on Aug 21 2019 - 8:30pm

We are starting a STEM Program for Troop 2K.  There are two requirements in
order to participate; first you need to have completed your Cyberchip, and
second you need to commit from beginning to end to receive the full benefit
of the program. 

Anuj Shah Eagle Project Fundraiser and Device Drive

Posted on Aug 11 2019 - 3:48pm

Hello Troop 2000,

I am happy to report that the teaching sessions at Big Bethel Village went very well. I had quite a good turnout with 5 scout volunteers 1 non-scout volunteer, and 3 adult volunteers. We were able to teach 15 seniors that each got their own kindle fires. Also, we were able to additionally donate two ipads, and two laptops. The beneficiary representative and the seniors were all thrilled to be receiving devices and training. This would not have been possible without the support of the entire troop that has helped me since I first joined the troop. Thank you all so much for your support.

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